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Oleum “sibi” story images unveil the origin of a natural, pure extra virgin olive oil produced with the highest care by marrying ancient family traditions to constant research and improvement, in the quest for the highest quality

The haven where Oleum "sibi" comes from

This is my haven, my roots…
Umbria is a wonderful region of Italy, it is the region of St. Francis, a peaceful and sparsely populated land blessed by good climatic conditions where many are devoted to agriculture.
The hills around Giano dell’Umbri
a are natural, uncontaminated and far away from any industrial activity.
Rocky hills caressed by the winds are ideal cradles for olive trees to prosper.
Oleum “sibi” story images walk us through this ‘magic’ …
The sound olives giving Oleum "sibi" are hand-picked

Growing olives naturally: a strong passion, an ancient family tradition.
Some years it happens that the olives cannot be harvested: because hail came by, or because of high proliferation of olive flies, or because of other natural events, since no chemical treatment whatsoever is given to land or trees to protect them, but Nature always knows how to give recognition …
The harvest is like a symphony, in respect of the trees, of the surrounding nature, of the beliefs and the will of my ancestors.
It’s the pleasure to do things well.
In accordance with the traditions and harmony with nature the olives are hand-picked to preserve trees integrity and to remain sound on their way to the mill

healthy beautiful olives are brought daily to the mill to give the fully natural and pure extra virgin olive oil Oleum "sibi"

Putting all my passion, my restless engagement during the whole year to reach the long awaited harvest time in October-November…
Beautiful, sound olives of different, mostly autochtone varieties

Early Oleum Sibi 2019 Transparent Bottle
Oleum “sibi” early harvest in transparent bottle

Update from 11 June 2020:

‘Oleum “sibi” Verdone’ 2019, Oleum “sibi” early harvest (October),  just won a Silver Medal at the 2020 OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition held on 4th of June 2020 !

Picture of ‘Oleum “sibi” Verdone’ 2019 freshly coming out of the mill