Welcome to Oleum “sibi”.com !

I am proud to announce that Oleum “sibi”, from 2017 harvest, just won a Silver Medal at the 2018 OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, one of the premier olive oil competitions in the world !

Dear reader,

welcome to the website of a passionate and maniac-about-quality producer of artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Umbria region of Italy !

I constantly strive to improve my extra virgin olive oil, this is my own little ‘Kaizen’: I dedicate the greatest attention to all the production phases of my ‘Oleum “sibi”.

Unlike the year 2016, in 2017 the climatic conditions in Umbria during winter and spring have chased away any danger for a sound development of the olives. Not one single olive has been victim of the fearsome olive fly ! In October and November my family and I could pick perfectly sound olives.

Below I like to describe my personal engagement Charter for a quality without compromise:

– All olives have been hand-picked and they come from my own land, no mix with others.

– Neither the soil nor the olives have gone through any sort of chemical treatment. No insecticides and no pesticides have been used. Soil, olive trees and olives are therefore in natural conditions, uncontaminated and far from sources of pollution.

– I have brought my olives to the mill every single day after picking them rigorously by hand, in order to avoid an increase in their acidity due to mistreatment or storage time.

– The oil has been cold-produced by mechanical methods with special attention to minimize the temperature of extraction, i.e. well below standards: via this method the oil yield from the olives is lower but the quality is well superior

– The mill where I brought the olives for processing is a brand-new Alfa Laval model of latest generation: double washing, two-way crunching in absence of oxigen, separation at very low temperature and double centrifuge. All of that grants a ‘state-of-the-art’ oil extraction

– No other liquid/substance/preservative of any sort whatsoever has been added to the oil

– Oil has not been filtered to keep its aspect and taste of golden nectar

– I submitted my oil to qualitative analysis by a laboratory known nation-wide. The key results are:

ENERGY VALUE: 3700kj/100 gr (900kcal/100 gr)
PEROXIDES: 6.5 meq O2/kg
– K232: 1.77
– K268: 0.14
– Delta K: 0.003
POLYPHENOLS: 307 mg/kg gallic ac.
VITAMIN E: 139 mg/kg
FAT: 100 gr/100 gr of which:
– Saturated fat: 15gr/100 gr
– Unsaturated fat: 76 gr/100 gr
– Polyunsaturated fat: 9 gr/100 gr
SUGAR: 0 gr
SODIUM: 0 gr

I am sure about ‘Oleum “sibi” 2017’ premium quality and absolute purity !