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Oleum "sibi" special cuvée 'Lucia' wins a Gold medal at NYIOOC 2023
Oleum “sibi” special cuvee ‘lucia’ wins a Gold medal at the New york international olive oil competition 2023, the world’s most prestigeous EVOO competition !

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Dear reader,

welcome to the website of a passionate and maniac-about-quality producer of artisan Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Umbria region of Italy !

I constantly strive to improve my extra virgin olive oil, this is my own little ‘Kaizen’: I dedicate the greatest attention to all the production phases of my ‘Oleum “sibi”.

Below I like to describe my personal engagement Charter for a quality without compromise, while 2022 has been the first year of the process to obtain the label ‘organic’ which will add an official certification to ‘Oleum “sibi” ‘ defined today as ‘in organic conversion‘ (the certification process lasts three years): 

– All olives have been hand-picked and they come from my own land, no mix with others.

– Neither the soil nor the olives have gone through any sort of chemical treatment. No insecticides and no pesticides have been used. Soil, olive trees and olives are therefore in natural conditions, uncontaminated and far from sources of pollution.

– I have brought my olives to the mill every single day after picking them rigorously by hand, in order to avoid an increase in their acidity due to mistreatment or storage time.

– The oil has been cold-produced by mechanical methods with special instructions to minimize the temperature of extraction (27°C being the standard, I instructed the mill-operators to extract it between 22° and 24° degrees Celsius): via this method the oil yield from the olives is lower but the quality is superior

– The mills where I brought the olives to be processed (in the number of three this year) are all cutting-edge models: double olives washing, two-way crunching in regulated atmosphere, separation at low temperature… all of that granting ‘state-of-the-art’ oil extraction

– No other liquid/substance/preservative of any sort whatsoever has been added to the oil

– Most of the production has not been filtered so to keep its aspect and taste of golden nectar, however this year I have filtered a reduced part of it so to ensure better preservation of the product and of its organoleptic properties in case bottles or cans would be kept unopened for several months

– Every year I submit my oil to qualitative analysis by a laboratory known nation-wide, you can find below the Key test-results for Oleum “sibi” 2022


Key test-results for Oleum “sibi” 2022 Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil are shown below:

ENERGY VALUE: 3700kj/100 gr (900kcal/100 gr)


PEROXIDES: 4.4 meq O2/kg

– K232: 1.69
– K268: 0.16
– Delta K: 0.003

POLYPHENOLS: 490 mg/kg (gallic acid)

VITAMIN E (tocopherols): 230 mg/kg

FAT: 100 gr/100 gr of which:
– Saturated fat: 18gr/100 gr
– Unsaturated fat: 74 gr/100 gr
– Polyunsaturated fat: 8 gr/100 gr


SUGAR: 0 gr


SODIUM: 0 gr



The Mediterranean diet being regarded as a healthy one is directly related to its inclusion of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The broad number of health benefits which can be obtained from the long-term consumption of olive oil are attributed mainly to its phenolic fraction.

A particular phenol component was discovered in premium EVOO in recent years and since then it attracts special attention of researches. The pungency of this phenolic compound, conferring spicy taste to olive oil, induces a strong stinging sensation in the throat similar to the one that caused by solutions of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen.

The phenol has been named ‘Oleocanthal’ (“Oleo” from Latin ‘oil’, “Acanth” from Greek ‘spine’ (of spice), “Al”, from chemical component aldehyde).

In recent years Oleocanthal studies showed that it bears antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-thrombotic activities, without presenting the side-effects of ibuprofen. It has then emerged as a promising therapeutic agent against a variety of major diseases, including cancer, inflammation, and neurodegenerative (as Anti-Alzheimer Agent) and cardiovascular diseases.

In particular, several studies have reported different ways in which Oleocanthal induces fast apoptosis (=death) and inhibits the migration, angiogenesis, and metastasis of cancerous cell lines originating from hepatocellular cancer, prostate cancer, human melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancer,  colorectal carcinoma , and breast cancer. Most of these studies were in-vitro and only a few ones in-vivo.

Therefore at present there is evidence that Oleocanthal offers interesting and different health benefits for a diverse series of illnesses that will need human trials and further in-vivo studies in animal models to be definitively confirmed.

For years I have been following the progression and the findings in these studies while my curiosity was of course to know whether my EVOO ‘Oleum « sibi »’ would contain this precious phenol and possibly in what percentage, knowing that oleocanthal concentration in EVOO can vary in general from as little as 0.2 mg/kg to as high as 498 mg/kg

So, for about five years I have been hoping to find in Italy a private analysis laboratory offering such service but was unable to. I am particularly glad that my request this year to the cutting-edge laboratory I have been using for more than ten years was accepted : laboratory ‘Isvea’ agreed to develop the search protocol for Olecanthal so that I could submit ‘Oleum « sibi »’ to it !

I am so proud to tell you that the peculiar analysis carried out on ‘Oleum « sibi » 2021’, not only detected the presence of Olecanthal but also reported a level of concentration BEYOND the highest limit mentioned in the article above, that is: close to 600 mg/kg !
Not many EVOO in the world search for or declare their Oleocanthal content, some boast even higher values for Oleocanthal (that is a great thing !) however very rare are those such EVOO showing an official analysis certificate confirming their statements…’Oleum « sibi » 2021′ does it: please find below the official evidence that
‘Oleum “sibi” 2021’ is a pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil with very high Oleocanthal content:
(‘Oleocantale’ is the Italian for Oleocanthal)   

That is for me a ‘consecration’ of all the attention and care I dedicate to the production of ‘’Oleum « sibi »’, as I describe above. For instance, recent studies have proven that Oleocanthal can be damaged or wasted by an inappropriate oil extraction process such as using temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius : I always require the mills I choose that they process the olives at temperatures ranging from 17 to 23 degrees Celsius maximum, knowing that by norms EVOO production qualify for ‘cold extraction’ up to 27 degrees Celsius.
This excellent news for ‘Oleum « sibi »’ adds up to its other, usual, first-class analytical test values

I am sure about ‘Oleum “sibi” ‘ premium quality and absolute purity !

NB: for test results of past productions please consult ‘archive’ page 

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